Shooting Firearms and Hearing

It’s very common knowledge that when firearms are shot off, the resulting sound is extremely loud in nature. A vast majority of individuals, including firearm enthusiasts, will tell you that it is not only essential, but safe to wear protective earwear when shooting, which results in some people asking what the real risks are. Here is a brief rundown of decibel levels and how some of those levels can cause damage to a person’s hearing:

*Average decibel level that will not cause damage: 30 dB – 89 dB
*Decibel level that can cause slight damage: 90 dB – 139 dB
*Decibel level that can cause permanent damage: 140 dB or above

shootingA .22 caliber firearm, when shot off, can reach a decibel level of 140 dB or above, which, as indicated above, can risk causing permanent hearing damage to an individual. This is also the case with a vast majority of other firearms as well. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that, if you are in a similar situation, you wear protective earwear when shooting off any firearm in order to fully prevent sustaining any permanent damage to your hearing.

There is special hearing protection that can assist with limited the noise. Young people like to listen to music in their ears with headphones specially made to block out noise while engaging at the range and that is not recommended for many reasons. It can become distracting and not safe.

Furthermore, if you decide to check out a firing range to shoot off your firearms, this can also cause permanent damage to your hearing if you do not wear protective earwear. In fact, firing ranges only stand to increase the chance of something like this taking place since the sounds of firearms being shot off constantly echo throughout the space. There are also other risks associated with this as well.

For instance, hearing loss can affect an individual’s ability to work, engaging in social activities with family and/or friends, and engaging in various learning activities, among other things. The closer you are to the sound of the firearm, the higher the risk of hearing loss. This is referred to as “Auditory Deprivation,” which is defined as small hairs in the ears being so badly damaged that they are not able to send sound information to a human being’s brain.

In addition, individuals who suffer this kind of hearing loss will obviously have issues communicating with other people. Furthermore, individuals who suffer through something like this typically will not visit an ear doctor for approximately a few years, mainly due to the fact that they themselves may be completely unaware that they even have any kind of permanent hearing damage. However, hearing damage can lead to a myriad of negative outcomes, such as feelings of being “too old,” frustration at not being able to communicate or hear correctly, and completely avoiding social gatherings with friends and/or family.

All in all, it’s extremely important to remember that if you plan on shooting off a firearm, you must wear some form of protective earwear. Not only will this simple step help you stay safe, but it will also ensure that your hearing is fully protected for many years to come.


My experience hunting with a 50 cal pellet rifle

Believe it or not, there is a 50 caliber pellet rifle out on the market today, and that is the Sam Yang Dragon Claw. Not too long ago, I decided to pick up one of these because I wanted to see how powerful they were and if they could be used for hunting. The nice thing about pellet rifles is there are not nearly as many strict laws involved in the purchase on them, and because of that they’re much easier to get your hands on and use. Initially I started to use this gun as just a way to get some additional cheap shooting practice in (pellets are ridiculously cheap) and to work on my overall accuracy. While it’s true that it doesn’t fully simulate the power and recoil of a true 50 caliber gun, it still was successful at what I wanted it to do.

pellet hunting
So I went out on a hunting trip and we were hunting some larger animals in the feral hog size and these we will usually hunt with a normal hunting rifle, but I wanted to see what this pellet gun was capable of and if it could be considered one of the best available air rifles on the market. We had finally setup up an ideal spot in a tree to allow us perfect vision out into the forest and I had charged the gun up to the full 3000 PSI maximum pressure (one of the downfalls of pellet guns is the need to pre-pump them). I hadn’t installed a scope on the gun yet because I wasn’t completely sure I was going to be using the gun for the long hall and I didn’t want to put a huge investment into it until I was sure. So I was using the sights that were already installed on the gun.

About 35 minutes after I had situated myself in the treestand, I caught site of my first target, and lined it up in my sights. I was using some hollow point pellets as they appear to be the best as far as pellet gun hunting was concerned. I finally got the hog to where I felt I could pull off a shot, and I squeezed the two-stage trigger. I was actually fairly surprised to see the animal fall to the ground with one shot. I guess the 230 ft/lbs muzzle energy and the top velocity of 679 FPS were more than enough to easily and humanely dispatch the hog.

Now, it’s important to fully understand this isn’t a typical 50 caliber rifle as those are some of the most powerful guns you can legally own, but these pellet guns use 50 caliber pellet and that’s really just the size of the pellet the gun shoots. But, that doesn’t mean this isn’t a powerful gun. Being able to take down a large feral hog with a single shot is definitely something to not shake your head at. Also, since it’s obviously a very powerful pellet gun, you want to treat it with the respect it deserved and treat it like a real fire arm as far as securing the rifle goes.

So overall my experience shooting a 50 cal pellet rifle was a very positive experience and I would suggest to other that it’s worth it to have this in your collection. You will be able to practice shoot with very cheap ammo and you won’t have to deal with the very strict gun laws that are placed on regular handguns.