Shooting and Smoking on the Range

For some, there is nothing better than being able to head out on a Sunday afternoon with a couple pistols and blowShootingRange off some steam while smoking some of your favorite cigars. But on the flip side there is nothing worse than getting there and realizing the cigar you brought along is bunk and tasteless due to poor humidor maintenance. That’s why we’re hear today to give you a little clinic on how to keep your cigars healthy and tasty for as long as you own them.

Cigars must be taken care of and humidified properly. It is a very important aspect of ensuring that you will have the highest quality cigars and they will always be fresh.

A cigar normally requires 70 degrees Fahrenheit and around 73 – 74 percent humidity. This will ensure that the cigar stays moisturized throughout the day and won’t dry out. Purchasing a humidor is the perfect way to ensure that will stay fresh.

If you don’t feel like purchasing a humidor right away, then there are other methods you can use in order to maintain its moisture and quality. Carefully dampen a paper towel with water and then place it inside a zip-lock bag along with the cigar. Then put it in a drawer in your fridge so that it will stay moisturized for a few days. This technique will only work for cigars that are still in the cellophane sleeve. If it isn’t, then the wrapper will be ruined. You can also keep your cigars in a dark place such as a closet or a seal-top plastic container.

Selecting a Humidor

Buying a humidor is the perfect way to ensure your cigar will be in the right climate and will stay moist.

Make sure to buy a humidor that fits your budget. Cheaper ones will not do the job quite as well, but they are still good for a few weeks of freshness. Scott Wilson provides cigar enthusiasts with different looks and prices so that you can browse and find one that fits what you’re looking for. Elie Bleu is also a great designer or more expensive options.

A bigger humidor is normally better than a small desktop one, because it has tons of storage capabilities. Then you can buy as many as you would like without worrying about them drying out! With that being said, it depends on how often you smoke because a big one may not be necessary and generally overkill.

Check for quality by seeing if the lid closes properly. You can test this out by performing the “dollar test”.Simply place a dollar right where it closes. Then close it. If you can pull out the dollar without any effort, then this is definitely not the right humidor and will not keep your cigars as fresh as they should be.

Searching for reviews on the internet can also help you get more information. A hygrometer (a device that measure moisture in the air) and a temperature gauge within the humidor is a high quality product that will help you keep track of you cigars and make sure everything is good.

Setting up a Humidor to Store Your Cigars

It is wise to use propylene glycol in order to stabilize the humidity within the humidor. This will also keep away mold and bacteria, and this should only be done right when you set it up.

Many humidors require you to moisten with water, so make sure you use distilled water so that mold doesn’t grow.

A question a lot of humidor novices have is whether they should remove the cellophane. There isn’t a strict rule to live by, however you should leave the cell on if you are going to be leaving the cigars in the humidor for a couple of months. If it is going to be longer than a couple of months, or if you want to age them, then you should take the cellophane off to ensure they stay as fresh as possible. Also keep your humidor away from anything hot, such as out in the sun.

This might seem like a lot of work, but it will ensure that your cigars are always fresh and ready to be smoked, and your relaxation will never be disturbed.

Guns and Archery – I Love Both

If you’re looking for another hobby or source of entertainment aside from guns, I would suggest looking into archery. I haven’t been into this type of sport for a long time, but I can already tell that it’s going to be one of those things that will really make me happy. Just like my guns.

Guns and Bows

Guns and ArcherySometimes I reflect on my passion for guns and archery to see if these two are connected somehow. Aside from being weapons, I don’t think they have other things in common. But why do I like them both so much?

I guess I’m the type of person who likes shooting at things. If you’re into guns, you know how satisfying it feels when you hit your target especially when it’s a bull’s eye. That’s why I always make sure that I have enough ammunitions when I’m target shooting with my guns, because I would feel limited and restricted if I can only shoot a few rounds.

I actually have the same experience with archery. When I’m using a 3D archery target, I get the same satisfaction as when I’m out in a shooting range. It just feels so good. And when I’m out hunting for wild animals, the whole experience becomes even more exciting!

Why Archery?

I know that there are other weapons and sports out there, but why choose archery? Looking at man’s history, I would have to say that it has something to do with man’s true nature. We have a natural interest in hunting; and using bows and arrows brings us back to the days when primitive bows and arrows were used by our ancestors. So you see, using this type of weapon today can bring out our raw passion for hunting.

Of course, we all know that modern archery equipment and accessories also make the whole experience different. We now have things like bow sights to help us shoot at targets more accurately; and these are even available in different models. So there are those who prefer using single pin bow sights and there are also those who prefer multi-pin sights. Me? I use both.

Would I Recommend Archery?

I would recommend archery to gun lovers and enthusiasts because I have a feeling that this weapon can provide for the same satisfaction as guns. But also, the whole experience is so much different since this is still a manual weapon if compared with guns.

But try it and you’ll see how hitting your targets, especially if it’s a wild animal, can be so satisfying. I once put down a really big buck and it just sparked my interest in finding bigger bucks to slay. They’re like trophies and they indicate how well I am at this activity now.

Archery is Easy to Learn

Just like shooting guns, it could take a while before you can become good at archery. After knowing the basics, you need to practice, practice and practice so that you can harness your skill. Shooting at targets regularly and frequently will also help in speeding up the process. The more you get used to it, the better you’ll be at hitting your targets.

So, are you interested in trying archery now? If you haven’t tried it yet, you can go to an archery club and try a few rounds first. I’m sure you’ll be buying your own set of bow and arrows soon enough!

My Brother the Outdoorsman and Handyman

One of my favorite people in the world is my brother. I look up to him and I just love him. When we were growing up, he was always my protector. Until now, he’s still my confidante, mentor, and best friend. When I get to be his age, I want to be like him too.

My brother is really fascinated with guns; he owns several handguns of the .45 caliber and 9MM types. These are all licensed weapons and he has carrying permits too. He mainly carries a weapon for self defense as you know how dangerous life on the street can be. And these are also reliable protective devices at home.

He also knows how to use rifles, by the way; and he uses this type of gun when he’s hunting wild animals. There are rules as to the type of animals that you can hunt; so he mainly hunts deer as these are not endangered species.

My brother is also useful at home. He has carpentry skills so he can make cabinets, beds, and other types of furniture. He also knows how to do floor projects and the like. He’s really a handyman so we barely need to buy anything from the furniture shop.

You know what his favorite tool is? A belt sander. I think it’s his favorite because I always see him using it. I asked him if it’s his favorite power tool; and he said yes, because it’s a multi-functional tool according to him. And he said he’s going to teach me how to use such types of tools when I’m older.

He also said something about owning the top belt sander on the market. That even if it’s quite expensive, it’s very powerful, durable, and reliable. He found it when he visited as this review site covered the best belt sanders and gave positive reviews on a lot of products. He bought one with the most features and he considered the unit’s portability too. He said it’s easier to work with lightweight power tools so as to prevent stress and hand fatigue.

When he’s giving me the basics of woodworking, he always mentions safety too. He tells me how important it is to wear protective shields and proper clothing gear when doing such jobs. Neglecting these things can cause serious damages to a person. And we are talking eye damage, bodily harm, and even death. So I’m really taking note of all of these.

In spite of my curiosity, I never tried operating his tools without his permission too. He never fails in warning me that some power tools are hard to control; and turning these on can be very dangerous. Like I said, I idolize my brother and respect him so much that I always try to follow everything he says. Besides, I wouldn’t want to disappoint him by tinkering with his tools when he’s not around.

So that’s my brother, the all around outdoorsman and handyman. I feel so lucky that I have someone like him in my life. He’s not like other brothers who like torturing their little kid brothers and bullying the younger siblings into doing something they don’t like. My brother loves me and I can rely on him. And when I grow up, I’m going to be exactly like him.

Why a Gun Safe is Important

As a responsible owner of guns, I make it a point that my firearms are always kept safe. Because of the nature of this weapon, these shouldn’t just be left lying around the house especially if you have children around. Can you imagine such a deadly weapon being in the hands of an innocent investigative child? Not a pleasant sight, I can tell you that.

Keeping guns safe is also one way of protecting the item itself. As we all know, guns are not toys; these are expensive devices and investing on them took a lot of time and consideration. It is therefore logical to protect your gun not only from misuse but from wear and tear too. And when your guns are safely kept inside a gun safe, dust, grime and other corrosive environmental elements won’t be able to affect your weapons as much.

Yes, gun safes are important to all gun owners. And as I own quite a number of firearms ranging from hand guns to rifles and shot guns, I bought myself a large gun safe were I can place all my weapons. It’s quite expensive, actually, as it cost me over $700. It’s made of aircraft grade aluminum and it comes with heavy duty locks too, which is very important in such types of products.

When I got my expensive gun safe, I also became concerned about its maintenance since I invested a lot of money on it. Even if it’s made of aluminum materials, which is a really tough and almost maintenance-free material, I still want to make sure that it will always be in good condition to house my weaponry. That’s why I also looked for aluminum polish reviews while searching for a gun safe as I wanted to make sure that both gun and safe will be taken care of.

So far, I am happy with my gun safe and polish. I got a polish and cleaner in one so I only need this one product to clean and polish the safe. Of course, I make sure that the entire surface of the safe is free from dust first before applying the polish as not doing so will make it a bit harder to clean. The polisher/ cleaner comes in wax form, so it’s really very easy to apply.

And you know what? I also tried using the polish on my gun and it works like magic too. I’ve never seen my gun look so good; it almost looks like new again, and it’s been with me for many many years now. So I’m glad I found a polish that works not just in maintaining my gun safe but my weapons too. It’s really quite hard to find a good aluminum polish as there are a lot of products out there now. But I found mine at which is a review site of metal polish products. You might want to check it out too as they have provided for a lot of product reviews there; so you can basically compare different items before deciding on which brand or product to buy.

Again, let me just stress the importance of having a gun safe. You need one even you own just one hand gun. And since both your gun and gun safe are investments that can protect your life and your family’s safety, it would be wise to take care of these items in the best way possible.


My experience hunting with a 50 cal pellet rifle

Believe it or not, there is a 50 caliber pellet rifle out on the market today, and that is the Sam Yang Dragon Claw. Not too long ago, I decided to pick up one of these because I wanted to see how powerful they were and if they could be used for hunting. The nice thing about pellet rifles is there are not nearly as many strict laws involved in the purchase on them, and because of that they’re much easier to get your hands on and use. Initially I started to use this gun as just a way to get some additional cheap shooting practice in (pellets are ridiculously cheap) and to work on my overall accuracy. While it’s true that it doesn’t fully simulate the power and recoil of a true 50 caliber gun, it still was successful at what I wanted it to do.

pellet hunting
So I went out on a hunting trip and we were hunting some larger animals in the feral hog size and these we will usually hunt with a normal hunting rifle, but I wanted to see what this pellet gun was capable of and if it could be considered one of the best available air rifles on the market. We had finally setup up an ideal spot in a tree to allow us perfect vision out into the forest and I had charged the gun up to the full 3000 PSI maximum pressure (one of the downfalls of pellet guns is the need to pre-pump them). I hadn’t installed a scope on the gun yet because I wasn’t completely sure I was going to be using the gun for the long hall and I didn’t want to put a huge investment into it until I was sure. So I was using the sights that were already installed on the gun.

About 35 minutes after I had situated myself in the treestand, I caught site of my first target, and lined it up in my sights. I was using some hollow point pellets as they appear to be the best as far as pellet gun hunting was concerned. I finally got the hog to where I felt I could pull off a shot, and I squeezed the two-stage trigger. I was actually fairly surprised to see the animal fall to the ground with one shot. I guess the 230 ft/lbs muzzle energy and the top velocity of 679 FPS were more than enough to easily and humanely dispatch the hog.

Now, it’s important to fully understand this isn’t a typical 50 caliber rifle as those are some of the most powerful guns you can legally own, but these pellet guns use 50 caliber pellet and that’s really just the size of the pellet the gun shoots. But, that doesn’t mean this isn’t a powerful gun. Being able to take down a large feral hog with a single shot is definitely something to not shake your head at. Also, since it’s obviously a very powerful pellet gun, you want to treat it with the respect it deserved and treat it like a real fire arm as far as securing the rifle goes.

So overall my experience shooting a 50 cal pellet rifle was a very positive experience and I would suggest to other that it’s worth it to have this in your collection. You will be able to practice shoot with very cheap ammo and you won’t have to deal with the very strict gun laws that are placed on regular handguns.

Origins of Gunsmithing

As I’ve often said, I became a huge fan of guns and firearms at a young age. There was just something that I found very intriguing about them, from the pure power of them to the small intricate pieces that make up a gun. Since that point, I’ve actually done a great deal of searching to learn as much about how they are constructed, deconstructed, modified, and all of the cosmetic touches that you can apply to a gun. There’s just something incredibly appealing to me about the whole process.

Some of you may not know much about how guns are produced or made, or don’t know the origins of firearms. Well I wanted to share some of my knowledge with you and granted, I’m not an expert on the subject, but I’m more than happy to share with everyone what I have learned in my spare time. If you want a basic introduction to the art of gunsmithing, continue reading and you’ll learn just a little bit more about that gun you have sitting in your gun safe.

What is a Gunsmith?

A gunsmith is a tradesman skilled in repairing, building and designing firearms. Usually they also know how to modify firearms, as well as make engravings and other alterations. Gunsmiths work in small family owned shops, sporting good stores, firearm manufacturies and are even hired by the military. A gunsmith requires a wide variety of skills to become a gunsmith, including woodworking, metalworking, ballistics, engineering, and more.

History of Gunsmithing

The history of gunsmithing is reported to have been in China during the 14th century, five centuries after the invention of gunpowder. It is unclear how gunpowder made its way to Europe, but once it did, the Russians began making small, hand-held cannons. By the 15th century firearms became a normal part of war thanks in part to the Ottoman Empire.

The late 15th century saw the introduction of the matchlock gun, which used a match instead of a wick to ignite the gun powder, leading to faster ignition times. After the match lock gun came the wheel lock gun, which fired instantly. These were the first mechanically firing guns ever made.

By the 17th century, gunsmiths discovered the flintlock- a mechanism that revolutionized the firearm industry for almost two hundred years. The flintlock was a simple to make gun, it was easy to fire, it shot quickly and it was easily accessible. The flintlock was famous for its wide-spread use during the American Revolution.

Right after the American Revolution, a new firearm replaced the flintlock, percussion-cap guns. One of the most famous percussion-cap guns was, and still is, the colt revolver. The percussion-cap mechanism allowed gunsmiths to design muzzle-loading firearms able for use in any type of weather. Percussion-cap guns were popularly used in both the American Civil War and the Austro-Prussian War. For decades gunsmiths worked tirelessly to perfect the percussion-cap gun, with new designs appearing constantly. The creation of the back action lock mechanism in 1830 led to the creation of the Colt Revolver in 1835.

The Crimean War in 1854 was the last war on record to use muzzle loaded guns in battle. By the start of the Civil War, gunsmiths had designed the Spencer repeating rifle, a lever-action gun that used cartridges. This firearm was lighter and smaller than the percussion-cap guns and were capable of firing seven shots in only 15 seconds. The first cavalry to use this type of weapon was the United States Navy during the Civil War.

Right before the end of the 19th century, famous gunsmith Joseph Laumann created the first automatic pistol. It was soon replace by the next big innovation for gunsmiths- the Winchester automatic rifle. Prior to 1907 when the automatic rifle came out, Winchesters had already became the gun of choice among western settlers in the United States.

In the early 1900s, gunsmith Theodor Bergmann invented the first sub-machine gun. This fully automatic firearm fired pistol cartridges and was used by the German Army during World War I.

By World War II, gunsmiths discovered a way to create the first assault rifle, a powerful firearm with a long range, increased comfort for the shooter and capable of firing in any kind of weather condition. Shortly after WWII, the assault rifle became the gun of choice by every major world power.

Skilled in manufacturing, modifying and repairing a wide range of firearms, gunsmiths work for both firearm enthusiasts, as well as military personnel. As technology advances, so does the trade of gunsmithing.

Now, in the initial history of gunsmithing, the skills you learned for gunsmithing were done through apprenticeships, such as you would see for armorers and other weapon makers back in the day. They would learn all of the skills they required by shadowing a master gunsmithing, and by doing the more basic tasks that the master would require. Normally it would take several years for an apprentice to learn the skills required to branch out on their own, and at some point, have their own apprentice.

Today, there is much more availability to learn about gunsmithing. You’re able to learn it through an apprenticeship, military work, or even regular schooling. To be honest, I’ve even taken some of the more basic classes just so I have the skills I need in order to take apart and put back together my rifles. I decided to learn the skills because I want to make sure that I maintain my guns to the best of my ability, but I didn’t want to risk the chance of destroying a gun I invested several hundred dollars in.

Best way to store your 50 Cal Rifle

We all have seen the clamoring for gun control in the political circle as well as other “celebrities”. Now I’m a firm believer that you do not need gun control to the extent that everyone outside of the gun owner circle wants. The only thing that we, as gun owners, need to do is to be more responsible with our firearms. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 50 caliber rifle or a 9mm beretta handgun. Both of those firearms are dangerous in the hands of those that aren’t trained, or aren’t fully capable of owning a firearm (be it a mental condition, or criminal). Not only should you secure the guns themselves, but it’s important to also store the ammo somewhere safely as well. That’s where gun safe reviews and reviewing your gun safe options becomes important. You need to make sure that you’re purchasing the best fit for you.

Now, yes there is a big difference in size between a handgun and a 50 caliber rifle, but there are still options out there that would allow you to safely secure a gun that size, but there are definitely certain things you will need to factor in when finding storage solutions with a gun the size of 50 cal: the size of the gun vs the size of the gun safe, will you be able to store the ammo along with the firearm, and the scope rests of the safe.

The primary factor is obviously the size of the gun vs the size of the gun safe. As these rifles tends to be pretty big and bulky, you will need a safe that will be able to hold the length with the barrel. Not only are these weapons longer than a normal AR, but they’re also much wider in many cases, and that is something that you will need to factor in because it could take up 2 or 3 spots in your safe. So you will definitely want to over estimate how many guns you’re planning to store. Instead of purchasing a 16 gun safe, buy a 24 gun safe because you will effectively only be able to store 12 other guns plus your 50 cal. Also, to help add some flexibility, you will want to find a gun safe that has an adjustable interior design because this will allow you to remove shelving so you aren’t forcing such a large gun in places that it doesn’t want to fit.

Next, you have to take a look at the very large bullets that this rifle shoots because it is not a typical gun clip or small individual bullets. A 50 cal bullet is often a couple of inches long and this may make it difficult to store the ammo, especially if you remove any shelving to allow you to be able to fit the gun inside the safe. This is where you want to take some reviews of gun safes into account as you determine what is the best option for you to buy. The best gun safe reviews will include the specs of the safe, and you will want at least a 60″ tall gun safe if you want any hope of fitting both the gun and ammo in a single storage solution. One potential idea to allow you a bit more storage is the purchase of a door organizer. Door organizers will normally contain little pouches or gun holsters that will allow you to fit smaller accessories or ammo that doesn’t take up any storage space of the main compartment. Many higher end gun safes will come with these, but if they don’t, then it would be wise to invest in one.

Finally, bulky scopes can sometimes be an issue with the rests that are built into the majority of gun storage solutions on the market. So you will want to read safe reviews very carefully on the gun safe before you decide to purchase because if the rests are small, then that might either cause you to have to remove the scope, or you may need to make modifications to allow you to make it fit. Most scopes for larger guns tend to be larger than an AR scope or a handgun scope. Shelving and door organizers may help if you decide to remove your scope, but you will want to make sure that they are even able to fit it because some organizers may not come with a compartment that will allow secure placement of those expensive optics.

It’s important that you take all these different factors into account because not only do you want to protect your multi thousand dollar high end rife, but you want to keep that gun out of everyone elses hands. Be a responsible gun owner, and research some storage options for your firearms so everyone can be kept safe.